Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm Tagged as a Spammer but Not Those Who Sell Drugs!

I cannot believe what happened to me this morning.  My guy who runs my server notified me that my website was taken offline for spamming!  Now you will have to see how ridiculous this is when I tell you that I have not sent out a mass e-mail in over a month.  I use Constant Contact which allows anyone to opt out of my list and does not allow me to add them back in even if they want to.  So how did I get labeled a spammer??

Simple.  My name and website were listed on an advertising e-mail sent out by Thompson Publishing to advertise an upcoming webinar in which I was the speaker.  Someone took my name and website off of the advertisement and reported me instead.  So although I am totally innocent, I am the one who has to suffer with my website being shut down because somebody decides to complain about something I had no control over...  and people complain about government taking away things.  I don't even get to defend myself.

The server people won't even listen to my side they just shut me down.  So now I know what I should do.  So for all those people who send Russian women wanting to sleep with me e-mails, and performance enhancing drugs for my husband please contact me and let me know how you keep from being labeled a spammer.  I will play by your rules instead.

So please be patient while I am trying to get my website back up.  I will be posting again on Monday for some year-end tips.

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