Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day

I want to take a moment today to thank all the veterans for their service.  My family has a long history with serving in the military.  My Grandfather served in WWI in the Army and is actually buried in Rosecrans Cemetery down in San Diego.  My Father, Harold Frank Jaster served for 28 years in the Marine Corps.  WWII( winner of the Silver Star), Korea, and 3 times to Vietnam.  He went once for his own tour, once to keep each of my brothers from going.  His ashes were spread at sea.  His last wish.  He wanted to make a Navy ship work at least for one day.  You Navy personnel and Marines will understand that sentence just fine.

My Mother served as a woman Marine during WWII and she and my father were married right before she was discharged.  Their wedding picture (is on my Facebook page) is in their uniforms. 

My oldest brother served in the Army and was the clerk for the Fife and Drum Corp in Arlington.  So he is a Vietnam Era vet.

My husband served in the Air Force for four years.  He is also a Vietnam Era vet. That's how we met.  I was on base at Nellis here in Las Vegas back in my young, good looking days and we bumped into each other.  That was 37 years ago.

When my father remarried he married another woman Marine.  This time an officer and a future lawyer.  We did lament where we went wrong but accepted her none the less. She ended up a Colonel in JAG.  And no it is nothing like the TV show according to her.

Did I ever serve?  No.  I wanted to but back then the only job for women was a clerk.  And until they invented computer key boards I could not type.  So I was a daughter and a wife of a service person.  Which in itself is a  tough life and they deserve  respect as well.

So thanks to all our veterans for serving so unselfishly then and now.  May you be protected from harm and your mission successful.  We are thinking of you today. 

And to give this a payroll slant--all I can say is you do not get paid enough for the job you do keeping this country safe! 

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