Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Update for November

Well this has certainly been an interesting time since last I blogged on October 13th.  I do apologize for not coming more to the site but you will understand when I explain what has been happening. I have always said that payroll is a constantly changing profession and field.  And boy have I experienced it in the past few weeks.

I have been working under the same writing contract for 17 years.  First it was ProPub out of New Jersey.  This was my first publisher.  The man who owned it contracted with me to write a payroll manual that could be updated twice a year.  But because of the contract I was extremely limited with whom I could write with until either ProPub or I decided to no longer do the manual.  But things changed.

ProPub didn't decide not to do the manual--they were sold to a company called IOMA in 2000.  So now my publisher was IOMA.  Same contract, same rules still could only write for them.  But I did profit from this change.  Even though I couldn't write books for other publishers IOMA kept me very busy.  Not only was I the author of the Complete Guide to Federal and State Payroll Compliance but also the editor for the Payroll Manager's Report (PMR) and  a contributing writer for the Payroll Practitioner's Monthly(PPM).  And every time IOMA needed a report for payroll I was there go-to guy. And they also published my Garnishment Guide on the side.  Plus they were a great client for my webinars.  Booking sometimes 20 a year. Not a bad relationship for me.

But things change, IOMA was sold to BNA a couple of years ago.  No changes really happened in terms of my services for them but they were definitely in the wind.  Then in February of this year things change--IOMA was out and BNA was in.

This one wasn't so good for me.  In June they announced they were no longer publishing my version of the Complete Guide.  They were bringing it "in house".  And now for my not being able to blog for a while.  I got a notice from the bankruptcy court that the corporation that owned IOMA had declared bankruptcy.  That explains all the sudden changes but I knew it also spelled the end of my relationship with them.  I had guessed it would be on October 31st.  I missed it by 2 days.

On November 2, the attorneys for BNA sent me an e-mail terminating all my services.  No more editor for PMR, no more articles for PPM, no more webinars.  Yes things change and sometimes they don't seem like they are for the better.  But this one just might be.

Because I am no longer under their contract for the book and the content of the book reverts back to me I am now free to do exactly what I want in terms of writing payroll manuals, books and articles.  And also what I say and do on this blog. 

So look for some really interesting blogs from this point forward.  As to my books and manuals I will be cranking those out.  Currently I am in the process of completing my first new one in years.  It will be for Nevada payroll professionals and businesses.  Look for it at the end of January.

The next book will be for my payroll professionals in California.  And of course I will be updating my garnishment guide for 2011.    All the while I will be maintaining the most up-to-date and extensive payroll website for payroll professionals.  All the latest news and information, newsletters, bulletins, research facilities and of course advice from me--the Payroll Advisor!

The Times They Are a Changin'

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