Monday, August 23, 2010

Our New Website is Up and Running at Last!

Our new website at is up and running at full strength now.  Please check it out when you can.  We have put the latest news on the home page with links to the stories for your convenience.  The news will be updated as items come across my desk.  If you hear of a news story but don't see it on our home page let me know at and we will research the item.

We will be covering the latest news from the IRS, Department of Labor, Social Security Administration and all 50 states.  So whether it is the new tax amnesty program in Kansas, going paperless at the IRS in 2011 or giving the IRS a comment on the Form W-11 you will find it in our "Latest Updates" section.

To save time be sure to sign up for our free news bulletin.  We issue the news bulletin whenever a story breaks so you don't get dozens of e-mails a day with some trivial story and 10 columns of advertisement.  We issue the news bulletin when we have information to send. So you may get one on Tuesday but not again until the following Monday.  We want to make sure you have the latest news but not be bothered otherwise. You have a payroll to get out and we know that. So sign up now at and tell all your friends.

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