Monday, August 30, 2010

New Forms are Everywhere These Days

It amazes me sometimes how the world of  payroll goes in cycles.  For years we use the same old forms--941, DE 6 and DE 7 in California, etc.  Then suddenly everyone is bored or something and new forms start popping up.  Remember when the 941 had nonpayroll related stuff on it?  They broke that out with the 945.  Then smaller employers got the 944.  Then the 941 stayed the same for quite a while year in and year out the same lines with the same things until last year.  Then we got 2 forms in the same year last year and then again this year and it will be changing again next year.

Well now CA is doing the same.  They are changing quarterly returns starting in January of 2011.  Gone is the lovely DE 6 and the equally as lovely DE 7.  Now we will have the DE 9 and the continuation DE 9C. Note: For more details on what each form does see our website under State News.  It just seems that as soon as you get complacent knowing all the forms you have to submit along comes a new one.

Oh well, at least it gives me something to write about anyway.

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