Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Am TWEETING or is that TWITING???

Eventually we all have to catch up with technology.  Now I love my tech toys such as my old HTC phone or my new i-phone.  I used VCRs the day they came out with my bootleg copy of Star Wars (Chapter 4)--hey okay so I am old!  I was on the "internet" when it was still bulletin boards with modems.  So I have no fear of technology.  But for some reason I just never got around to Facebook and Twitter--until today!

As of today I am tweeting (I still think it is twiting if properly done).  My name is Payadvisor.  Someone in OC had payrolladvisor so I had to abbreviate.  That's what you get for coming late to the game.  I am using Twitter to send out bulletins to my followers to keep everybody up to date. 

I also set up Payroll Advisor on Facebook.  I tied the two together so when I post an update on Facebook it will send out the Tweet.  Today we covered New Mexico changing EFT requirements for withholding deposits.

I want to get discussions going on my Facebook page as well.  So when my new website is up and I am able to post news daily there, I will start posting discussions of payroll issues that I find elsewhere but thought were interesting.  Until my new site is up I will be posting news on my Facebook page under discussions or notes.

Hope you can come by for a visit and "be my friend".

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