Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Reconciling Form 941 to Forms W-2 is Definitely a Best Practice

Hey everybody I am back! Sorry to disappear so suddenly and for two weeks (in the cyber world a long time!) right after starting the blog. I would love to be able to tell you that I took an impromptu vacation to a beautiful island in the Caribbean but unfortunately that was not the case. I got laid up with a severe bout of pneumonia. Between urgent care trips, hospital stays, and sleeping for 7 days with a temperature of 103 degrees the blog, as important as it is to me, got lost in the chaos. Trust me I wish I could have done the blog instead of watching Real Housewives of New Jersey! Those ladies are CRAZY! So please accept my apology and let’s get back up and running.

We use Wednesdays for our best practices in payroll topic so today I would like to discuss reconciling the Form 941 against the W-2s quarterly. This is the best and most efficient way to ensure that your W-2s balance before final processing during year end. The reason I am picking this topic today is it seems to be on everyone’s mind with the new version of the Form 941 being released recently.

Now a lot of payroll professionals tell me they don’t do this quarterly. After all year end is 2 quarters away why reconcile now. Why not just do it when year-end gets here. But that is just the point. By reconciling each quarter you know as you go along that everything is in balance. Then at year end it’s just a quick reconcile of the 4th quarter and a submission to close out the year. This is much more efficient and definitely a better way than to sit down in January and hope it all balances. Basically it is balance now or balance later. And I hate spending all of January looking for a $4.00 difference!

What about you? What do you think?

Note: For those of you who would like more on reconciling Form 941 to Form W-2 I will be placing a white paper on my new website by the end of this quarter. It will be available for download.

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