Friday, May 7, 2010

I’m a Blogger, He’s a Blogger, You Can Be a Blogger Too!

I had originally set up Fridays to discuss the payroll profession as a whole, current events, or career development. But I have decided to go one step further. I would like to use Friday for guest bloggers. So here is your chance. If you have always wanted to blog but didn’t want to set up your own, or deal with the “crazies” on other blogs come blog with us on Fridays.

The topics will still apply. You must blog about payroll, of course. This is after all a payroll blog. But other than that the subject is open to current events such as the new health care act and how it affects payroll. Or career advancement, studying for the CPP tips. Or share with us your latest and craziest payroll story. Anything is fair game as long as it is related to payroll.

We do have to observe the normal etiquette rules of course. And they are a little stricter here. No name calling. No politics for either side unless it is the politics of payroll. This is not the place to vent anger at President Obama, the Tea Partiers, Fox News or MSNBC. You can do that on Daily Kos or Red State. But complaining about congress as a whole, the work they give payroll, the portions of bills that apply to payroll etc are certainly fair game. You can even use the blog to complain about the IRS as it relates to payroll. But remember you name is still on the blog somewhere!

The length of the blog should be around 600 words. Just type it up in Word and e-mail it over to me at by Thursday at 5pm Pacific time. I will review for rule following only. No editing and certainly no spellchecking so be sure to do both before submitting. I will then post it to the blog on Friday morning. Please give me your full name and e-mail address. I will post your guest blogger name anyway you would like me too but I need to know who submits the blogs.

I am hoping to get regular bloggers to submit blogs weekly or monthly. If you gain that status you will be given a password to the blog to post yourself.

So here is your opportunity to become a payroll blogger.

Have a great weekend. We will see you on Monday.

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